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Not having changed the fuel filter for some time, the Rover 214 was due a new one (4 years/ 48 or 60k are the recommended intervals - depending where you look). I couldn’t find a 'how to' on it here, so have written one below:

Firstly a few warnings:

· Don’t disconnect fuel pipes near a naked flame/ hot engine.
· Wear eye protection as fuel is under pressure in pipes.
· Clean fuel up thoroughly as it can damage paintwork/ catch fire.
· Do not drive with even the slightest fuel leak.

1. Find fuel filter on n/s engine compartment bulkhead.


2. Wipe off dirt and wrap clean rag around top union nut.

3. With ignition switched off and starting on top union: using 14mm open ended spanners on union and adjustable ~19mm on filter housing, slowly loosen the union nut so escaping fuel is soaked up in rag.


4. Fully loosen and disconnect union.

5. Block hole with plug from new filter.

6. To disconnect lower union, repeat stages 3-5.

7. Loosen fuel filter holder and slide out old filter upwards (take care as it will contain fuel).


8. Dry up any split fuel.

9. Slide new fuel filter into holder making sure the flow arrow points upwards.

10. Tighten fuel filter holder.

11. Tighten lower union to the torque given for the filter (17 Nm for the filter I used) holding housing from turning with an adjustable spanner (~19mm – I did not have a spanner to fit this).

12. Tighten upper union to specified torque holding housing from turning with an adjustable spanner.

13. Clean up any spilt fuel, and start engine, watching for signs of leaks (stand back or wear eye protection as fuel may escape under pressure). If leak is present, stop engine immediately and fix. Check carefully because any fuel leak would be v. dangerous!

Comments/ additions welcome...
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