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Only joined to say thank you to the MGZT community. You saved a car!
I have a 75 CDTi estate. (Poor old thing lost her 1st owner, I'm only the second keeper! No history came with it zip. So annoying & she'd clearly been left somewhere under trees. . . The car dealer hd NO idea on detail cleaning grrrr & that wasn't the only thing but I digress. . . .)
Anyway this is how the car was saved. . . . .
The key fob plastics packed up as they do. So I got a replacement & fitted it. Now that was a fight getting the metal bit out the original. No one mentions that's an issue. Anyway, 2 weeks later I go to start the car and behold! It starteth not. Bugger. So trawling the internet I find doom and gloom about failed ECU's & blocked plenum drains. Really depressing. I left it a bit & had another look when I'd cheered up a bit. I then found the article that said go to the bin, get the old fob out & retrieve the transponder before the bin men take it away. (Managed that! Hurra! Also a royal fiddly pain to remove.)
But then, the plenum drain thing, that kept nagging at me. Especially as there was condensation INSIDE the car. So, I decided to get a new cabin filter & have a play. I decided it'd be a good idea to get some scuttle clips before starting too. You never know when something's going to ping off or snap. I wasn't disappointed one did indeed vanish into the engine bay to the exclamation "fuggit" followed by the Blue Peter "& here's one I got earlier. . ." Get the behind me car Gremlin. (Show no fear & they retreat, they can be useful as you find other things while they're being playful but sometimes they're just being naughty. Not sure how they get in, never heard of them having a part number yet most cars have them ones that don't are genuinely a boring drive. ) The scuttle is a bit of an annoyance but as these cars get older there's a risk they'll get brittle so have a care when removing. Anyway got into the plenum & found the drain blocked, a tide mark on the pollen filter & what looked like a large amount of fur from a Pomeranian all over it. (What happened?! Did someone feed the car a long haired cat/dog or something? So weird.) Very lucky car. Another downpour & water could have got into the ECU. The photo shows the tide mark on the filter & there's been no serious rain for a week. Condensation inside the car went too. . . Now there's a good tell. The only thing that worried me was folks cutting the bottom off the drain. I'm wondering if it's designed that way to stop water getting in from underneath. So I left mine on. It poked clean easy enough with the back of ¼" ratchet anyway. Wished I'd had the fore thought to bring some cleaning stuff with me & a mini pump to get the last of the water out. It'll get checked regularly from now on. Next jobs are the air filter, oil breather filter & the fuel filter. (I'll find the scuttle clip then, if it's not somewhere on the M4. . .) Get the rear windscreen wiper going again & find a bio diesel supplier.
Anyway, thank you to the lady who threw her transponder out & was generous enough to post her experience & thank you to all the folk who've posted about plenums!


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