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Just A General Question

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Hey there

I have a 416si bubble shape with the 1.6 k-series engine in. I am just curious as to how this engine stands up to punishment and general driving not really hard drivin but just "enthusiastic" driving!. For example I normally cruise up to about 4,500 rpm in first (mainly bcoz of the exhaust!) then about 3 or 4 in the rest of the gears. Its just I have heard various head gasket problems and from what I have seen they can be pretty unreliable or maybe I just happened to pick the wrong posts!

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You picked the wrong threads.

As long as the maintenance is meticulous you should be fine. I do track days in my K series'd car without any problems.
As long as the car is serviced correctly and you wait for it to get up to normal operating temperature you will be fine. Make sure any loss of coolant is investigated to prevent HGF.
Yup, agree with the above, get her up to heat 1st is the key, along with regular mainteanance, and keeping an eye on any coolant irregualrities!

Also, please use second gear! Don't got from 1st to third! Don't think it causes any problems, but from outside it honestly sounds pants!!

its used extensivly by caterham and the 1.8 version is used by lotus in the elise.

It would be my track car engine of choice for a lightweight kit car.

properly maintained it will deliver time and time again. However if there is a weakness in the cooling system, cambelt ignored or not service regularly it will fail as will any engine really.

i have a 1.6 K series 16v in my metro and have used it on a track day without problem
The K series loves revs and thrives on it as that is what is was built for in the first place.
No harm will come to it as long as you take in what has been said above. It's no different to any other engine. It needs to be warmed up to temp before giving it some. That is, the oil temp not just the water temp.
Check coolant and oil regularly and you should be rocking.
However I would stop punishing your car like that in first gear unless you want to kiss your gearbox goodbye. Second gear maybe.
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