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Job Vacancy

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Applicant must live within 30mins drive of Derby, be good with FG and not try to rip me off :p

Basically, I'm after someone to build out the rear quarter panels in my Rover 25 to house full range of components, then possibly cover with fabric/alcantra.

If you're interested give me a quote and some past jobs you've worked on.

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How soon are you looking for this to be done mate?

I could potentially do it in a month or so, and can give you plenty of examples of what I've done. Price would depend on exactly what you want doing. If the panel is fairly curvaceous, which I expect it will be by the time the speaker build is done, a single piece of alcantara won't be possible - go for vinyl and save everyone the headache, or get a decent trimmer to do it for you :)

I'm around a 45 minute drive from Derby.


If I could see some samples of what you've done, thatd be great. The panels are the ones in a Rover25 3dr, on the sides, where the 3rd and4th door should be. Any clues to the price?
Like I say, it depends on what you want doing mate.. are you thinking of a single teardrop configuration, raised out from the panel somewhat, angled towards the front, fibreglassed, filled, smoothed and then trimmed?

I've attached a few examples of stuff I've done.




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lol... that's a tweeter with a 5 inch faceplate, and an ar5e the diameter of, and half the height of a coke can :) AFAIK, it's the largest tweeter in a-pillar builds in the country, possibly even the world. So what it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in ambition is what I'm saying :D
I know your very handy with audio mate, just wanted some eye candy :p. Im thinking of just having my old 6x9s there instead of components, save money and time. So just one raised teardrop, angled towards the front of the car. Nice work in the pics
wsnuk - [email protected] wanting eye candy :p

Ok.. let me have a think on a price, and when I could fit it in (got several other things "on the go" at the moment), and get back to you. Did you have a time frame in mind?

Rich - cheers mate :) Since I sold my car, the footwell build now has a new home. Not sure when he plans on fitting it, but it's certainly not bit the dust yet :D
Well I have spare rear quarters anyway, I bought a complete new interior for the 25 to work on whilst I still have my original stuff in. This means I could give you one set of rear quarters plus what I want it to look like and you can have as long as you like on it. Pref using left over FG materials to make it cheaper :p
lol, I need to put in an order for another 20 litres of resin actually, thanks for reminding me ... there goes another £75 :p

If you can get me a photo of a rear quarter, and maybe draw in using a graphics package, or just do a diagram of some kind for what you want, that would be VERY handy mate. Also, a pic of the speaker and speaker grille would be good :)

Any thoughts on colours? Did you want it to look mega bling, or subtle?
Erm, I would like it to be covered in red, not too fussed what fabric is used as long as its red. Im definately going with recycling my 6x9s, I dont sit in the back so not fussed if it sounds ****e :p. Angle needs to be upwards and forwards. The grille for the speaker is just a normal grille, nothign fancy and fits tight around the unit.
Ok, last thing would be a pic of the quarter panel then please mate :D
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