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Im considering my options for my car, its just flown through the mot with no probs & i havent realy had any probs with it.

Now my problem is that since the gritters have been out when it snowed the other month the rust on my arches has acelerated at a silly rate!

The car has done 109000 miles now and i do realy enjoy driveing it (despite no power steering!)

I plan to keep it running till the mot runs out anyways but when that runs out should i

1) sell it for spairs or repairs or as a runner if i put it through another mot and get myself ither a 216/220 gti or 220 gsi or
2) have a go at sorting the rust out and keep it till it dies

Bear in mind i only paid £500 for it last year and it is a 1991 model, is it realy worth sorting out?
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