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Hey, I have the same problem as you with the starting, although its not Hit or miss, its more of a couple of times a week it'll act like a old banger for no reason at all, & you'll have to put your foot on the accelerator to start it. I've personally changed nigh everything on the car I can think of so *blows* I'm just accepting it.

A mate of mine at work did describe a problem he had with a rover 200 , that is same sort as ours, although he said once it happened once it happened everytime it started the car, ( dodgy start up ) so I know mine isn't the same, I hope yours doesn't do it everytime, as what happened to his cost him near £800.
( he kept teasin me askin me if mine had broken yet, I think hes just jealous cuz hes got a peugeot now :p )
( dont even wanna tell you what it is , incase it gets you worried ..... ) It was something to do with the radiator being blocked , & then basically something breaking & causing a leak, & because water won't squash I think it wrecks some pistons .... *screws face * lol poor memory , ( im not a mechanic so don't even think of sayin no thats not right cuz its only what his mechanic told him & what I can vaguely remember ) I flushed my coolant system out though, & no rust out anything odd came out so I doubt its a problem.

This is only an idea rmb I don't want to cause concern or anything just possibilty , hopefully more likely its HT leads or something, the odd thing with my problem was If I changed somethin, say the battery the starting problem would go away for awhile, but then returned, happened with sparks also & ht leads. Just bit odd, injectors mby ???
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