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Hi everyone. I've been following the Charlie Hall thread concerning his instrument pack troubles, and have to report that I have an identical problem. My 2001 75 CDT is booked into the local Rover dealership for diagnostics on Mon. 11th of June. I'll post the results of this as soon as I have them.

I bought the car in February on eBay (I'll never do that again!!!). The mildest thing I can say about the sale is that the vendor was somewhat economical with the truth!

When I purchased the car it was starting to display some weird electrical problems, but they seemed as if they would be fairly minor. There was an intermittent fault with the air bag warning light coming on (yes, I have cleaned up the connectors under the seats, but no joy), and ditto with the rev counter/temperature gauge. I only realised that the air con & rear screen heater were doing the same after I'd had the car for a month or so.

Also, in the first month that I had the car I had the traditional soaking wet interior caused by the drains blocking up. Unfortunately I didn't come across this web site in time for me to prevent this possibly affecting my ECU.

I'd booked the car in some time ago to have it looked at, but when the time came to take it in everything was working fine, and stayed that way for a month or so, before starting again a week ago. Consequently I cancelled the booking saying I'd take it back when the problem recurred.

If anyone else has suffered this problem, and maybe found the solution, I'd be mighty pleased to hear from them.

BTW, this is my first post here, but I have already found the site to be a mine of information.... Cheers guys :)
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