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I bought my ZT-T 190 three months ago and during the warrenty period it developed the dreaded 'bag of nail' chatter in the inlet manifold. My garage agreed to sort this out (many thanks to Mike in Haselmere X-part for sound advice) under the warrenty. This is a great relief since I could not have afforded to fix this so soon after spending too much (my wife's words) on a car.
My question is this: what can I expect in terms of the performance of the car once this is fixed? This is my first modern MG and initially I thought the performance was super, having moved up from a 1.8 mondeo (fabulous car, just a little ordinary!). Will I need to get my racing licence to be able to keep the car on the tarmac!!

Great forum, keep up the good work.


ps Do modern MG drivers wave at each other on the road? In the old days of running a Midget every other MG driver gave you a grin and a cheery wave (mainly I presume because they knew how lucky you were to have it out of the garage and on the road !).
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