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In-Car in the former G&P

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Go on then - how many cars could you name there!
With a thread title like that I assumed it was MGJohn posting. :p
Go on then - how many cars could you name there!
I seen a Rover P4, Mini, Morris Minor Traveler, Morris minor, Ford Anglia, Ford Prefect, Ford Thames 400E, Riley 4/72, Rover P5, Jaguar MK2 and a Riley Pathfinder. There was others I recognised but can't think of a name to go with them.
Light flashing and two pips of the horn and the resultant V sign... that would result in a fist fight and a stabbing nowadays.

Have standards of driving improved? Seemed like alot of dithering nutters back then.

When did traficator become indicator?
Ford Classic (at least 2), Ford Consul MkII, Ford Zephyr MkII (at least 2), Triumph Herald, Austin Cambridge saloon, A35, Riley Elf I think, likewise Humber Sceptre, and an Isetta bubble car. I lost count of the number of Moggie Minors, Minis and Rover P4s.
Not sure if the plod car was a Riley 4/72 or a Wolesley 16/60.

A lovely bit of film, thanks for posting the link, sheefag.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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