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Idling Part 2

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Hi all,

My idling is really getting me down. Ive now replaced the dizzy cap, plugs, stepper motor, CTS. Ive removed the throttle body and completely cleaned it. Ive checked for leaks using WD40, everything is ok.

However, the bloody idling doesnt go below 1200, and sometimes goes eratic and drops from 1200 to 600 and repeats goin up and down.

I keep trying to reset the stepper motor via the press on your accel 5 times, but when I do this I hear nothing. The ignition is on II, and I press it 5 times and wait ?? I hear nothing at all. Ive done it time and time again, nothing.

So, my questions are these.

1) What next ?? Should I replace the ECU and throttle body ?? If so, has anyone got a working one ? Or does anyone know of a good scrapyard that sells rover parts ?? If I replace the throttle bos, should I go for a bigger type ?? As Ive been reading you can stick abigger one on for more power ??

2) How do you reset the stepper motor ?? Should I hear clicking after pressing the accelerator 5 times ?

This is really getting me down now. The car is perfect, lovely, but the idling is really pissing me off.

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I know what you mean pal, I have an idling problem too, but by the sounds of it not as bad as yours (yet) and the annoying thing is that everything is working perfecto. What car is it on?
Have you checked your throttle cable? Make sure it's not adjusted wrong. There should be some play in it where it connects to the throttle body. Try waggling it with your finger. If there isn't it may be artificially holding the revs too high.

You won't hear a noise when resestting the stepper motor. However you can usually tell when you restart the engine as it turns over a couple more times than normal the first time you start it.

Also, larger throttle bodies do not give you more power. All they do is give you more response. A waste of money if you ask me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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