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MG ZS TD+ 2005
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Hello everyone,

I'm coming to you for a small problem on my mg ztt 190

I have recently changed the calorstat which was cracked until now all is well, the problem is that since the reassembly the engine behaves strangely.

irregular idle when disengaging, it oscillates between 2200rpm and 1100rpm
high stabilised idle around 1200rpm which oscillates slightly
loud or metallic suction noise, very difficult to judge by ear

work done:
change of manifold and intake pipe gaskets
disassembled spark plugs to check colour and gap of electrodes OK
new injector seals
reversal of the pencil coils to check if they work
search for air intake with start pilot
control of the vacuum hoses ok

despite all this, nothing changes.

obd2 code with TOAF
P0305 Misfire cylinder No5
P0175 System too rich bank 2
P0505 Idle control system malfunction
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Hi Arefax,
My first idea is an airleak. Air might be getting into the combustion chamber without being measured by the airflow meter, which confuses the ECU and lambda sensor.
As you have done much work there already, I suggest you double check for airleaks first and foremost.
Maybe a new gasket can cure the problem (inlet manifold?)
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