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Welcome for Chinese team

Mar 21 2005

A delegation of senior managers from Shanghai Automotive Company has visited Phoenix MG Rover Coventry.

The delegation, headed by company president Chen Yong, was keen to see the UK dealership operation.

The visit comes as negotiations for an historic Rover-China link-up are about to be sealed.

The Coventry business is now the headquarters of MG Rover's own Dealer Group, which accounts for more than 4,000 new cars a year from 11 Phoenix dealerships.

John King, Phoenix Midlands managing director, said: "We were delighted to welcome the visitors and to show them our sales and after-sales operations, including our latest technological developments in these areas.

"The group showed a keen understanding of the UK and European car markets, asking many astute questions and sharing helpful observations with both our management and staff."

Negotiations between MG Rover and the Shanghai Automotive Company look set to bring about a historic deal.

"We were only too pleased to be part of that process from the dealers' perspective," said Mr King.

"The SAIC group enjoyed their visit to Coventry, which is exact-ly what we wanted to achieve."

P.S. Didn't Steve asked for the SV from them (Phoenix Coventry)?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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