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i want a new head unit!

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Im after a cheapish head unit, can anybody suggest some decent ones? Im probebly after an alpine unit i think. I will be running standard rover200 4 speaker system to start off with the addition of a sub later on, and then replacement components. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a head unit which will sound ok with the standard speakers.
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Indeed, a useful price range will be handy.

If you have around £150, I'd suggest trying to find a 9827R (which you can get on for £149.99) I have one of these and it's done me proud. You may be able to find one cheaper second hand (which is always wise with car audio equipment)

If you have less than that, maybe try for a 984X series. They start at around £100 and go up from there.
If you want cheaper than that, you'll have to go second hand or ebay...

My 9827RR will possibly be up for sale soon, as I'm upgrading to a 9853R...but I'm not sure yet.
If you can go for an MP3 player as well.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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