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FROM VGCATS but a VERY helpful post,

Most of these tips are for use with Photoshop! And hopefully the links work too!

~Ghost Shading Lesson

~Taxi Tip

~A.N.D.S Three Point Perspective

~Kerry Tutorials

~Benju Vid Tutorials (nice find : D)

~Spetz Figure Tutorial

Specific Questions:
~I think what I'm trying to say here is that I come up with an idea, but it turns into ass when I put it to paper. How do I fix this? (Draw Moar. Practice MOAR. Scooter Answer)

~What brand of tablet would you suggest someone to purchase? Any Wacom brand can serve as a good starting tablet.

~What is the easiest way to do multi-thickness ink lines in Photoshop without having the lines go between super-thick and nonexistant? (Benju Answer)

~Hows does computer drawing, colouring, etc. work? This has always aluded me. (ChrisBoe Answer)

~I was trying to make some pixel art, but even when set to 1px the brush still registers as round and smears the surrounding pixels with greys. So how do I make a square 1px brush that won't smear the surrounding pixels? (Benju Answer)

~Whenever I see one of the sketches you guys do, they're usually sketched in blue lines. Do you guys just draw with blue on the computer or is there some way to do that while scanning?(Jae Answer, Skeeve Answer)

~When drawing with a pencil, what different sized pencils are good for sketching and redrawing? (Spetz Answer, Jae Answer)

~How do I make a crop or selection bow a certain size? Can I specify #x# pixels for a selection or crop box? (Zhao Answer)

~How do you resize an individual layer or selection?(Zhao Answer)

~I have fallen in love with the way flash 8 inks my picture. My ****off is the fact it refuses to save it as anything but a flash file.(Skeeve Answer)

~One more thing if anyone can explain I've tried setting my tablet to pressure sensitivity on photoshop but it can't detect it even though it's plugged in right, I even did the pressure test on the tablets menu.
(Skeeve Answer)

~Where do i get this gimp and i dont quite know how to ink my pencil arts using photoshop D:?(Jae Answer, Neko Answer)

~I have photoshop 7 and a tablet and I wanna color some stuff. I just cant figure out how to get the coloring layer under the lineart scan. I duplicate backround and put it under the first color layer but the white is still over it. Anyone wanna help me out here? (Kerry Answer)

~What is the best, most efficient way to practice drawing to get better? (Rico Answer)

~(From Junk art thread) How do you do those dotty halftone things in photoshop? >.>; (ChrisBoe Answer)

~I just got Photoshop 5.0 LE out of my basement because I hear the brushes are easier to manipulate. Being the modern CS2 baby I am, some things in 5.0 confuse me. Is there any anti-alasing feature in 5.0? All my brushstrokes turn out grainy. (Chainer Answer)

~I can't shade on (pencil) realism piccies; I'm so used to cell shading on them and it doesn't work at all... :<
All the blending from super dark to other shades. This is the only thing I have tons of trouble drawing what I see.
(Taxi Answer, Mog Answer)

~Like say I have a picutre of a city with sky. I want to get rid of the sky and just have a magazine cut out looking city. How would I do that in Photoshop? (Benju Answer)

~Also a question to you photoshoppers out there. Is there a way to make animated gifs with photoshop? I always used fireworks, but I heard photoshop can do it, too. (Diwen Answer)

~I know zero about copyrighting, when would I need to copyright an image and How?! (MyDoom Answer)

~Can someone post a tutorial on realistic fur with pencils please...or is this just a computer art thread? (ChrisBoe Answer)

~Does anyone know of a good free image-stitching program that can turn several pictures into one big panorama? Or is there some option to do this in photoshop? (ChrisBoe Answer)

~I just got a tablet, and am using brushes to do outlines and such. But when I went to color it, it's leaving white edges all over everything. Is there another option to color with? Or am I doing something wrong? (TheGreenSquid Answer)

~How do you turn anti aliasing off? (TheGreenSquid Answer)

~How do I turn all layers on? I tried for a half hour, and still ended up filling the enyire canvas one color. (TheGreenSquid Answer)
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