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How to get my central locking to blink ?

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Sorry. Me again. With tons of q's as always...

Had a 214Si before and I accepted the fact, that my blinkers don't blink, when I lock / unlock the car. My friend's got a 216 Si 1998 and he has that. Now I got myself a 1997 200 Vi and it does not have this feature. What would I have to do to make this dream come true ? :) Is it a lot of wiring to do ?


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Well two things. One you need a new later alarm ecu that has two sockets on it. This controls the indicators and the interior light wake up/sleep. Some late 97 cars do have both sockets but the white one is not plugged in but they had the standard 1 socket alarm. The new alarm would need programing to your engine ecu as well. The wiring is simple if it's not in as it's two for the indicators and 1 for the interior light.
Actually i had considered that previously too. I have a 97 P reg model, is it possible to do it with the current manufacturers alarm?
No because the connector and circuits are not in the alarm box. The best thing you could do is check scrap yards.
Um... Is the alarm ECU elsewhere as the whole ECU ? Or would I have to change the entire ECU box later make than 97 ?

it'll be a pain in the bum to get it to work with your current loom. There's a lot that would need changing just for it to flash. you might as well go for an aftermarket alarm and have it plip at you too.
Steve is is only 3 wires. You can cheat and connect the indicators directly to the colour storks from the alarm. I have done that many times. The interior light has to go through the MFU there is no other way with that. The only thing you have to change is the alarm ECU. It is up behind the steering wheel behind the dash.
So you would need a 97> alarm ecu. What about the MFU, does it already have the fucntion and just needs additional wiring or you are looking at a newer MFU too?
No, there is no need to replace the MFU. The interior light earth that is connected to the MFU is removed and reconnected to the alarm ecu, this now controls the interior light.

Also, be careful, there are 97 5AS alarm ecu's that have the second white connetor but they will not control the interior light. Only those units with a 98 date code on the label will have the interior light circuitry.

The date code is in the format WW/YY..... ie 27/98 means week 27 1998.

Finally the replacement alarm ecu will have to be matched to your keyfobs and the MEMS ecu!!!....either with Testbook or Avon gear.
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