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My Speedo stopped working for no apparent reason. Looking at the information available on this it appears that my 2004 MGTF was fitted with a transducer instead of a speedo cable. And this was the most likely cause of the problem.

Firstly, locating the transducer is a little difficult. I knew where it was but could not see it. The first pic is from the top of the engine bay.

Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bicycle frame

This is looking a little deeper into the bay.
Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood

You can just see the sensor connector plug in the next pic.

Automotive fuel system Motor vehicle Gas Auto part Automotive exterior

So, as you can see to get to the sensor is a little difficult without removing parts. You can get a clear view of the sensor if you remove the Charcoal Canister. Sorry forgot to take a pic with it removed.

The sensor location in the workshop manual shows the following:
Motor vehicle Gesture Automotive exterior Font Automotive design

And an exploded view of the gearbox speedo transducer drive.

Gesture Font Auto part Art Watch

According to those in the know there is two methods of changing the actual sensor:

1. Remove the gearbox sensor gear drive indicated as no1 in the above drawing. But first you need remove the fixing bolt (30. There are two problems with this method firstly the actual gearbox gear drive can lock in the gearbox, which I am told is due to the rubber seal (2) swelling. To remove the drive you will need some force to release it. Also, it is not unknown for the fixing bolt (3) to be difficult to remove. So why use this method? Again, I am told it is easier to locate the transducer into the gear drive, as the transducer has a flouting square drive which is difficult to locate into =the gear drive.

The second option. The one I plumbed for was simply to remove the old tranducer by unscrewing it from the gear drive and screwing on the new transducer. I had no problem locating the transducers square drive. Maybe I was lucky!

Now clean transducer plug, connect and test. In my case success.

In summary not a difficult job, but hampered by the lack of access to the sensor and gear drive.

ADMIN: You may include this in a "How To" if it is acceptable.



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Great work Robert and thanks Chris! 👍👍
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