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One of the most overlooked and easiest things to maintain is the clutch fluid, I try to change mine at least once a year, two max.

Its overlooked as changing the clutch fluid is not on any service schedule, it should be as debris and worn out fluid is often the cause of cylinder and seal wear.

Stuff needed:

8mm ring or flare nut spanner.
DOT4 brake fluid, 250ml upwards.
One man brake bleed kit.
Brake cleaner.

Make sure the car in neutral and the hand brake is on.

Locate the clutch slave cylinder:

Remove the cap and attach the 8mm ring spanner and one man brake bleed kit:

Remove the clutch reservoir cap and check the fluid, the fluid doesn't seem too bad to be honest:

Undo the bleed screw and go into the cabin and push the clutch pedal down:

Don't worry when the pedal doesn't come back up, you have to manually raise it and pump, some people prefer to bleed by using the pivot fork.

Do not let the fluid in the reservoir drop below the minimum mark, add fresh fluid as needed.

Make sure the fluid runs clean with no bubbles from the bleed screw, raise the pedal and tighten the bleed screw, remove the bleeder and spanner, spray the area with brake cleaner and refit the caps. Don't forget to top off the reservoir.

Clean up and go for a test drive.

Now if all has gone as planned the feel of the pedal would have changed and the bite point would feel different, its nothing to worry about because its as it should be.
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