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How many miles to make diesel worthwhile?

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I'm stuck on which way to go in purchasing a ZT. I can't see me doing more than 10,000 miles a year, so, in terms of running costs, is it worth paying the premium on the purchase price for a CDTi, or shall I choose the fun option and go for a 190?

There's also a big difference in insurance groups, so it's not all about mpg.

So what comments can people make comparing the overall annual running costs for the two?
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CDTi's seem about £1000 more expensive on average so doing less than 10K a year I don't think you will see savings for a long time. I would have the cheaper V6.
What sort of ZT are you looking for?

A diesel,135+ with low mileage and in exceptional condition?

If so PM me
Matt... a low mileage, exceptional CDTi would normally be out of price range, judging by what is available on PH and the trader. However, what have you got?
I have the following:

2004 ZT CDTI+
18" Alloys

Had new Kumho Ecsta's fitted 2500miles ago onto Freshly refurbished alloys

Serviced (Needed the following below)
New Alternator
New Clutch
New Slave Cylinder
New Master Cylinder
EGR Blanked
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Is it a facelift? Any photos online somewhere? What price is it up for? PM that if you like.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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