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So this is my old 75.

KR54 UKY was the registered plate number.

I had some issues with this car, I got them sorted. And then handed the keys to relative who had a few years trouble free motoring.

I ploughed 2K of my own money and time (was the very last time I worked on a car after suffering back injury and other health issues but the engine was a solid base that a slight HGF that I had a good mechanic sort out.)

This 1.8 non turbo had replaced:
Upgraded thermostat.

Upgraded stronger Oil Ladder.

MLS Head gadget (no need for head skim head was straight and flat).

Metal Head studs

New Gates Timing belt Kit and First line water pump.

Cam seals

crank seals

Manifold seals

Valve cover seal

New Clutch Master cylinder

LUK Dual mass flywheel

LUK clutch and slave

Engine and gearbox mounts

front brakes discs and pad

rear brakes shoes.

New copper brake hoses

new brake flex hoses front.

fluids filters wipers and cabin filter.

handbrake cables

it was purchased originally by a Rover dealership head principal as a daily driver for his wife as the history with it showed.
Auctioned off and ended up in wales where I bought it.

after my brother part ex the car I heard it got to Cardiff sometime in 2016, Where it was involved in an accident Cat C write off, repaired and sold on Gumtree.
It had been placed on 99-2004 multispoke alloys from steels.
From there i can’t track it MOT history stops same year as the part ex.

im just curious if any one know what happened to it not looking to buy it back but Letting you know it HAD a solid engine.
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