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Hi Guys - New Here

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Just like to say Hello to you all.

I've just purchased a one owner '04 75 Connoisseur 1.8T with only 11K miles on the clock in excellent condition. I'm hoping to collect it in a few days and looking forward to driving & caring for it.
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Welcome to the forums, see you in the ZT/75 section ----11K miles, almost unbelievable!
Enjoy, watch your coolant level very carefully, top up with red oat antifreeze 50/50 mix
You forgot to tell him to remove any hats off the rear parcel shelf Martyn !!!!
11,000 miles - i cant begin to imagine where thats been most of its life. Sounds like you've found a tasty one there Vindaloo :)
Welcome to the forum :broon:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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