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Hi All

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Just a HI from me LeMeanGreen, a new member to this forum. I drive or should that be catapult my Le Mans Green TF 160 ( big grin ) around Somerset and general Southwest area.
Had her since April this year after a longish search, have modded the discs to slotted n drilled front n rear, and this weekend changing the alternator as present one is dying.
Just flew through MOT. Just luv it.

Pix when i work out how to post them.

Thats it, so Hi :respect:

In need of a clean

click on pic to enlarge

All clean n shiny again

Hope you approve
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Welcome to the mad house!

But please remember

:nopics: ;)
Hi mate, also southwest.

Welcome to the forum, enjoy it and your car.

Hi and welcome to the best forum ever :)
Your car looks very nice, the 160 is a great engine :broon:

There is a great group called SWARM that arrange runs and meets in your area, have a look here
Hi and welcome to the madhouse ( is that possibly the biggest pic ever? almost life size :rofl: ) enjoy the car and watch that Steve1951 bloke... he's a stalker ;)
welcome get rid of that hardtop before Art see's it......:eek:

hi and welcome to the forum
Good looking car, welcome to the forum...

As the old saying goes, you don't have to be mad to post on here, but it helps!

you dont have to be mad to post here but if you are you sure fit in
welcome home, remember a MG is for life not just for sunny days,,,, enjoy the forum
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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