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Here's a 274,000 miler for sale

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thats 45k a year , which is pretty good going but its cheap at £1700 for an 04 reg
Mines an 04 and has 38000 on the clock.

I Wonder how many cylinder head gaskets I would need to do 274000.:lol:
There's hope for my 04 CDT Tourer with only 167,000 !
That is not bad ;) got 142k on my 75 CDT, done 60k in the last 5 years.
was also gona say must be taxi, kinda low mls for that though ?? maybe not a busy one :drunk3:
seats dont look in bad nick for the milage
Would not touch it with a bragepole at that mileage and price, I bought my ZTT with only 117K on it 2 years ago nearly for £3K and they want half the money for an 04 75 with over double the mileage on it.

Nearly 300K for any car is a lot of miles and I have driven many cars and vans with 200K+, 300K+ and a 400K+ mileages and all have not felt as good as a lower mileage vehicle to drive in general.
Thats just my opinion though.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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