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help with a rust problem!

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forgive me if this has been posted before, i couldn't find it in the search i did.

the rust on my bubble r200 is quite excessive and i am wondering if cutting and welding are my only options, i have read that to replace the wing is a bolt off bolt on job, is that the case with the panels that surround the rear arches or do they need welding on? i have no experiance with this really so i don't know what to look for on the car its self.

Also while i'm posting, does anybody know if you need to get an extra wire to get the steering wheel controls for the stereo to work with an aftermarket radio or is there something else wrong?

Many thanks for any help in advance.

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thanks for all those who looked at my post. i've found the answer, feel a bit thick now seeing as though from what i have found out to change the reat quarters i need a whole new body shell. opps. that option is now out the window, need to learn how to weld now.
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