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Help value my car please

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Possibly looking at getting a zr in the next few months, how much do you think I'd get for mine as it is. I don't have the time or desire to break it or sell the wheels etc separately.


200 1.4 8v
35,800 miles
6 months tax
11 months MOT
Head gasket done less than a year ago
Kenwood cd player with good speakers
Hairpins with 4 good tyres, all matching
full leather interior
de-oranged headlights
loud exhaust (a bit too loud tbh)
manual locking and windows
unfortunately Cat C but fully repaired and has been through 3 MOTs since and fully checked
Full service history with everything documented

and Some pics:

Parcel shelf speakers hidden neatly.

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Tbh that looks like a stunning example and has ridiculously low mileage for its age, the only thing holding it back is the Cat C.

I reckon about £750 is achievable, it would have been more if it was not accident damaged.

This is just my guesstimation though.
Great looking example, but unfortunately I think you'll probably only get £550-650 for it. :( Purely because of the accidents and the fact that Rovers go for sod all these days, I bought my Y reg 25 for £900.
Cheers, I have some sort of check that verifies the mileage too. I was hoping for around that much realistically but would like more (as anyone would)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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