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I think your pushing the standard 25 1.4 rig a little much as it is. I do hope this car is insured for all the modifications you've made....many are not. Expect the insurance to go north of a few grand for dropping a turbo lump in.
Not to mention the uprated brakes, suspension, sub frame, drivetrain system and fully reworked loom you'll need to go with it.
I'd buy a car with blown turbo lump already in it if I were you. There are better, safer ways then dropping a heavy T-Series into a car designed for 1397cc K series. A Nissan 200SX S14/15, R8 220 Coupe, MK4 Astra GSI etc will be far easier to insure, maintain and drive.
Think about it.
Don't be a ****wit and do this without telling your insurers. Many of us have had our cars hit by uninsured drivers and been left with big bills to foot. It ain't big or clever. Can't afford the insurance? Can't afford the ride! Stay off the road.
Whilst i agree with your sentiments, i can't agree with the design and engine weight issue.

What about the diesel engine in the R25?

That is just as heavy as the T16 lump, the lad just needs to uprate various things like suspension/brakes etc.

The R25 IS designed for a heavy engine.

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