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help please

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my mgf 18vvc has a very small oil leak
it seems to be coming from above the oil filter but below the altenator
is there a common leak? also does anyone have any ideas where the leak is coming from and is it a big or small job
thanks for you help!!!!!
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Assuming it's not your oil filter not tight enough, the only other thing at that level is the sump.
is the sump higher then the filter
The joint line above the oil filter is the joint between the crankcase halves. This does not often leak and I would investigate the oil filter housing to block joint first.
Yup +1 for the oil filter, Ive just this second come in from working in that area and as commented there isnt much else around there.
is not the oil filter it semms yo be slightly higher
would this be the housing for the filter is this a easy fix?
Have a look at the area where the dip-stick & oil filler neck join the engine case, this is a comon area for leaks & oil can travel some distance before it drips off.
may not even be a leak, the silly "pee down the dipstick" method of filling does tend to direct any slight filling spills to the bottom of the engine down the outside of the dipstick pipe
I agree with 1955 diesel - its quite likely the oil filter housing to block joint.

I have a similar leak - gaskets are available from Sussex Car Parts and replacement is straightforward after draining the oil and removing the filter.

There are 4 8mm bolts to remove - 2 at the front and 2 at the rear with limited access so take care to use a good fitting socket.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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