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Hi All, Can the administrator please put in the the place .

I call on you experts for help plz. I have a classic mini fitted with K series 1.6 engine with distributor cap and coil, which I purchased recently. The car was purchased as non runner, I have overhauled engine , head etc all done. The ECU is standard 1.6 mems.
So after build up and all check the engine fired up, not fantasically sweet but ran, revved , ticked over and got up to operating temp.
Next day would not start. The spark is good and strong, all plugs spark, but when removed after 10 mins or so of trying to start are wet.
So I have changed plugs, leads, cam sensor, throttle sensor, Idle air control valve, ECU, checked fuel pressure etc etc. If i keep the starter motor turning I can sometimes get it to run, but only on tick over 300rpm or so and can run for 3/4 mins BUT if the throttle is touched it immediately stalls then back to square one.
I am at a loss now and dont know what else to change. I cannot get an OBD reader to work as it says failed to connect every time.
So guys thinking caps on plz.. will try anything.
Thanks in advance. Ian

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