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Help! Diesel Intercooler pipe has split!

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Hi guys, my diesel Intercooler pipe has a dirty great split, the large one to the Intercooler to be precise.

Any one know where I can get one today in Essex? Im by lakeside!
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As a temp measure you can cover it in lashings of duct-tape.
Mine split last week and it is running alright with the duct-tape on. Not perfect, but much better than without :lol:

I would try local scrapyards.
There is an aftermarket silicone hose people who make a replacement set for the MG ZR, it will last forever but it isnt cheap:
Thanks for the advice and link mate, il probs buy the good one. Just need to keep mobile for work with the tape till then.
My boost was practically non existent and mucho black smoke (courtesy of the sdi injectors). Doing a temp repair in the garage now, hope it tides me over. Gonna plate it with something aswell as taping it.
I should be running at 19PSI, when the hose split it was around 8psi.
With the tape on its at 15-16PSI.. Its driveable at least
i used a puncture repair kit and glued it on with super glue then duct taped around it and that seems to have worked a treat. just gonna take it easy so as not to tear it again till i get a replacement!

if you hear of anyone selling a replacement set on here then let me know!
put some cable ties round the split part on top of the tape to help stop the hose swelling around the split area and opening the tape up
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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