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weirdvisions said:
Does anyone know where the speed sensor is located on the gearbox looked around any cant find it
Went to the local car shop they dont do a Haynes manual for the Rover 45

Cheers for looking:err:

How old is the 45???

If it has an R65 gearbox I can tell you exactly where it is (it will be in the same place as my 400)

Lift bonnet, look on passenger side (RHD) at the back of the gearbox, near where it connects to the engine. and close to the bulkhead below the windscreen, you should see a black plastic cylinder with a connector attached to it.

The connector should have 3 wires coming from it.

The black cylinder is the speed sensor

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You can use the Haynes 414,416,420 Manual - no. 3453.
It also covers the L series, (thougjh the 45 has a different diesel injection system - EDC15m as opposed to VE-EDC).

The 45 is largely a 400 with a minor facelift, under the skin they're near enough the same. Certainly close enough to make the manual useful.

The 2 wire sensor is probably the reverse gear switch

The speedo sensor is next to the inner end of the rh drive shaft - on top.
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