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HELP!! 200 SDI won't go in to gear

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Hi dont post a lot just a bit of a lurker whooooooo. Cant get it in to gear. Was driving fine last night then tried to get it in to reverse and wont go in. Wont go in to any gear. Do you rekon the clutch cable? how much are they? Thanks
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If it's the clutch cable you'd feel the clutch different. Does it go into gear with the engine switched off?
Aren't these Hydraulic clutches?? My 420 diesel is.

Check the fluid level, I had soe problems with selecting 1st and second and it was low fluid level. Hasn't dropped in 12 months since :)

Cables are usually about £20 ish.
Tahnks for your help guys.:grouphug: Been out there all day. Found out its the clutch release or something. Anyways it needs a new clutch so my pockets £230 lighter. O well she has got the original clutch at 120,000:URGOD: miles so must not grumble. Heres to another 100,000 miles!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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