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hello all, thought i'd join and say hi. brought my first rover yesterday, a cheap as chips little rusty p reg 220 sdi pocket rocket. it might convert me from a traditional mondeo man. had to buy it out of nessesity really more than i wanted one. after doing 100 miles in it i'm plesently suprised. bit of a gamble really as got it from an auction with out going to see it. fullish service history, alloys, 104k and 6 months t&t all for under 300.

all i've done so far is change the stereo as i didn't have to code for the other one and had a spare lying about the place. next job rust protect and an armrest. i do miss the armrest in my old mondeo.

any tips hints or opinions most welcome.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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