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I have joined this forum out of desparation. My other half (lets call him John Doe) has recently bought an MG ZR (lets call it Jolene), and while it is a nice piece of metal, he is driving me crackers with it.

If he's not talking endlessly about the colour or the mpg he can get out of it or the tyres or seeing another one on the road, he's washing it, polishing it, cleaning the interior, posting about it or putting stickers (although he refuses to call them stickers) on the bloody windows.

Now, i'm not a bad looking bird but apparently I can't compete with Jolene's curves and leather outfit. I think John Doe is having a secret affair with Jolene and i'm worried that he loves her more than me.

So John Doe, if you are reading this (and i'm sure you are) get your backside in here or i'll be forced to find myself a new ride.
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