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Hi All,

Just thought i would say hi and introduce myself a little.

Im 22, and just reverted back to a rover 25 (well...i pick her up tonight!). Got an absolute bargain of a 2000 X reg Rover 25, Metalic Black, all the usual trimmings......wait for it.....£1270!! Only covered 47k aswel!

I say going back to a Rover 25 because it was the first car i bought when i turned 18, a brand spanker though that was short lived (ex girlfriend pulled handbrake up whilst driving...lets just say the lamp-post was still standing, hense the car was a wreck! Lol)

To be honest, im not looking forward to going back to one having just sold my 206 Gti 180 to get a more practical family car! lol. Never mind though, if it has to be a practical family car...its gonna be a rover!

Now....onto the plans!! Ive already purchased the ZR spoiler as that is a must!! So that will be getting sprayed and fitted this weekend! Then obviously the ZR straight multispoke wheels will follow. After that, i really dont know where to look / what to do so suggestions are welcome!

The idea was to get a rover 200 (landed on my feet and got a 25!) and make it look like a ZR (my usual style of modding is to make the car look like the higher spec!) but you guys may know something i it being a nightmare to fit ZR parts or whatever so again, suggestions are welcome!

Anyhow, thats me! Hopefully this forum is as useful as the others i have used in the past!
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