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Heater resistor.

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Yesterday as a birthday treat for myself I decided to have a go at replacing the F's heater resistor, I must say I found the job a lot easier that I thought it would be, evidently my body is still quite flexible @ 74! Anyway as I was in that area I took a look at the position of the heater's water valve that I also have to replace, I think that is going to be a lot harder as the room for access is very, very limited. Has anyone on here done this job and if so are you able to offer any advice? All sensible suggestion's/advice welcome. Many thanks. Regards. D4KGP.
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To access the water valve, you will have to take the centre console out, which means removing the seats, armrest, rear storage bin. There is also a metal bracket behind the centre console that has to come out, which means that the heater controls need to be removed to one side as well as the heater controls' support bracket needs to be removed.
Thanks for your reply, I guessed it would easier with the drivers seat removed. But I'm not so sure that the arm rest and rear storage bin needs to be removed, but maybe these are words that I may have to eat! Thanks and regards. D4KGP. (I will let you know how I get on)
is yurs with or with out A/C ?
Hi not A/C.
Here's a couple pictures showing the heater valve. View attachment 139428 View attachment 139429
Hi thanks for the pic's but I knew where it was situated, so have you changed the valve at any time? Regards D4KGP.
No, I haven't replaced the valve, but I just finished replacing the 5 hoses associated with the heater.
Ok thanks, I can see from the pic's that it's going to make the job easier to remove the metal work as you previously mentioned. Many thanks. D4KGP.
No, I haven't replaced the valve, but I just finished replacing the 5 hoses associated with the heater.
Hi mowog73, just to let you know that I replaced the heater water valve with a new old stock unit. Changing it was easy the major time factor was removing everything to get to it, that will be the same when I reinstate the centre consul. Then there will be the refilling of the system and associated bleeding. Thanks again for your pictures. Regards D4KGP.
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