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Heater Resister

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Is this the one that doesnt break easy ? , also good price.?

My second one from the scrappies just broke and they took ages to find. I only paid a cuple of quid for the two as far as i recall.
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The price is OK BUT, on here you can get one of the chaps to replace yours with a better version or you can do it yourself for about £3.50 with parts from Maplins if you can solder. Use the search facility and you will see many threads on them inc how to do threads.
Excellent! Fan position 1 has not worked for years, so I can look at the resistor pack while I'm changing the heater box. Just ordered the resistors and the box from eBay, now all I need is it to stop raining!

Thanks again ;)
Have just done mine on my MGF, 1 & 2 not working so bought two ceramic 30w resistors for 79p each from Maplins, these are more sturdy than the original ones that came off as the wire to solder is quite a heavy gauge before terminating in the resistor.

Also tied these together with some solder flux wire, twisted and soldered so it will not come apart. To secure should a leg break!

Works a treat now! so thanks to all posting here! If anyone would like the part numbers I can look them up and list. The largest resistor was fine so didnt replace!
Got the rezpack resistors from ebay and put them in. It was a pretty easy job to do, and they work perfectly. I tried a couple of the reccommended resistors from maplin before. They worked fine for a while but after a few weeks I found them to be very tempremental as the blower fan would speed up and slow down randomly, and it became quite annoying after a while. I think it was probably because the sealed/ceramic resistors can't disperse the heat propperly as the open wirewound resistors are cooled by the airflow in the blower fan casing. I personally think in this case you are best to replace them like for like.. I reccommend this on ebay:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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