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Heater blower not working at all

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I'm trying to fix my girlfriend's 2002 Rover 45 heater but to no avail! I've searched and searched and tried everything I can think of so if anyone has any ideas please tell me.

The heater blower doesn't work on any speed. I've replaced the resistor card (it was missing to start with so someone has tried to fix it before), the fuses are all intact inside the car and under the bonnet, the relay for the fan has been replaced and I've tried swapping it with a spare, there's no voltage going to the fan and there's no voltage going to the heater switch. This was all tested with a voltmeter and I lightbulb circuit tester, with the ignition on so the fan should be blowing.

Anything else I can try?
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my guess is a break in the wiring somewhere, if there's no power to the switch I'd run another live to it and see if that solves the problem - if it does, then make it permanent and forget about it :lol:
The live supply should go to 1 side of the motor, the other side goes to earth through the switch and resistor wire at the motor should be live when ignition is it?

DO NOT try running a live to the switch or you will cause a short!
Interesting, I'm having the same trouble, everything is dead, the switch etc... I checked the resistor pack and the fuses, incedently the electric mirrors aren't working or the rear windscreen wiper, any ideas?
Probably the fuse in the under bonnet fuse box
Fuse 12 (15 amp) in the drivers fusebox, Link 10 (40 amp) in the engine bay fusebox or the blower relay.
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