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I see alot of posts about headgasket troubles and thought best try and help sort some of the issues out.

The biggest problem is with the cooling systems either loosing coolant or overheating.

1st the pressure cap must hold its pressure between 0.8 bar and 1.1 bar if not the engine will overheat or blow the gasket. All new caps must be check too as some of these are faulty too.

2nd on all models with plastic inlet manifolds they have a tendancy to leak down the back of the engine with the manufactorers factory fitted gasket especially when left overnight and the engine is cold any loss of coolant like this will eventually lead to headgasket failures. The best gasket to have fitted is a green couloured one and if MG Rover apporved these do not leak when fitted at all.

3rd all pre 2000 models have nylon dowels to locate the head onto the block, these dowels allow the head to fractionally move and vibrate causing the headgasket to wear and make pits into the head. The new steel ones are very rigid and tight and do not allow for this movement.

4th mailnly on 200's and 25's it has been found by powertrain that the coolant does not circulate efficiently around the block leading to 'hotspots' inside the engine, this is caused by a restriced movement of coolant through the heater valve, MG Rover have now fitted a oneway valve to all later versions of the 25 to allow the coolant to circulate freely. This valve is patented by SAAB and MG Rover has paid miilions of pounds to have this valve for there models so it must be urgently needed.

5th make sure antifreeze is changed at correct times and is kept at the correct strength of 50% anything less has been know to cause the internal metal parts of the cooling system to corrode thus lowering cooling efficiency.

6th it has been known that some cooling fans do not opperate when engine is hot, these must be check when taken for a service or if doing a DIY job by yourselves. Some possiblilites are faulty brown coolant sensor, Cooling fan motor, ECU fault or wiring/connector problems.

Hope this help with any problems you may have!
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