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header tank boiling over

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Hiya people...
I have a Rover 45 diesel 2.0 on a 02 plate , been a cracking car, apart from last year when the head cracked £580.
Now my header tank is boiling over again.
I've changed header tank, cap , water pump, stat, stat switch and high speed relay switch, here's the thing.
I've bled system for 20 mins and for some reason top of the rad is boiling and the bottom is stone cold, I'm leaning towards a blockage.
I've been advised to take off top and bottom hoses and to flush with a hose to check for a blockage ( From the bottom up ) .
Is this right and should it cure my problem??
I even disconnected the switch so my rad fan was on fast all the time and header tank still boiled over.
What( if anything) have I missed???
PS took the stat back out, can't put this one in wrong way, not possible and it works fine.
PPS had 2 sniffer tests done, not a HG fault.
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..............I've been advised to take off top and bottom hoses and to flush with a hose to check for a blockage ( From the bottom up ) .
Is this right and should it cure my problem??...........
This is the next obvious thing to do, would have thought you'd done it by now.

It may not cure your problem, but at least show you where your problem is.
the sniff test of the dervs is not very reliable.....

As you have ruled out all other things except the rad i would check that.

however you are displaying the prime example of HGF in the diesels - they do not contaminate the oil\water rather the exhaust\coolant :(

These cars tend to run pretty cool, so even with a bit of a blockage in the rad i would not really think it would cause things to boil over; so i would suspect the head or the work done to sort it out.

Probably not the news you wanted to hear, but that is my gut feeling - based on two HGF on my tuned derv...
header tank boiling over.

Hey Guy's , me again , great news, took bottom and top hose off rad , carefully removed all water till it dripped no more.
Next step was to flush Rad out which I've now done bottom to top as suggested , the **** that came out was no-ones business, black bits and old K-Seal copper particles.
I then refilled header tank with same stuff I drained out ( too expensive to waste good antifreeze/coolant ). carefully filling with heater on hot , as to bleed properly.
I poured this through a pair of the wife's old tights as not to contaminate it again, guess what???
Running like a dream now, the bottom hose is now getting very warm as well and my header tank isn't boiling over, so after all that money , water pump, stat, stat switch, etc , etc. it was a blocked radiator, There's a lesson to be learned from these few lines.
Many thanks to all who contributed to helping me.
If it was me and I was keeping the car I would replace the rad as its not going to be the first time it gets blocked and with stuff like K-Seal in could make things slightly worse.
Good to hear you're sorted.
Hope that's an end to it.
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