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I have myself a head with some cams in and an ECU. I was hoping someone would be able to clarify exactly what they are from. As far as I can see they are pretty standard items, but I can't remember what a standard one looks like. All parts are from K series,

Head: LDF 106290 (definately high port, and I don't think its VVC. I don't have a vernier to hand to measure valve sizes).

Cams: LGC 106970 (They, and the head is a Mems3 with cam position lobe. Again I cannot measure the lift on them).

ECU: 1860 MKC104521 (looks like a normal 1.8, but I just want to clarify. It has the 5AS box with it too).

I have looked on Dave Andrews website, and the head number doesn't match with any on there, unfortunately.

Many thanks for any help people can give.

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