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In my R25, recentally I have found that I have to double the clutch around 1 in 3 times when selecting 1st or reverse gear.

Today the problems seems to of got worse. Today when driving in traffic in second gear I slowed down a speed of about 7mph, the engine was struggling so I tried to put the gear into 1st and it simply wouldn't go. So i had to stop and double the clutch.

The problem is starting to get more common, sometimes even going down from 5th to 4th it won't select. I think soon I may have an accident if the problem is not fixed. What could it be?

My car is a 1.4 Rover 25 not far off 70k. I have to say reliablity so far hasn't been to good. Ive recentally had HGF. But the car is fab to drive- great looks and handiling.

Perhaps it problems lie in the fact its an ex-garage company car. No wonder it was so cheap. The K-series has probally been driven on the red quite a few times!
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