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MG ZR 120+, 2004
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Yo MG peeps,

Recently changed my tps (was getting weird fluctuations in revs and had white fuel smelling smoke when car was idling)

All fixed and the smoke has completely gone which is amazing which I hope I also see millage gain from it. Also changing it was a pain since I noticed corrosion on the bottom screw really badly (had to properly drill it, hammer it and WD-40 it to finally come lose) I changed the screw and washers and i have the new one placed in the car very well. So think the corrosion was causing a occasion fault. Car ran well for the next 3 times I started the car (although didn't get the car above the speed of 40mph)

Anyway, my one thing is next time I turned the car on I wasn't getting smoke but the revs were fluctuating a lot and a stutter when excelerating. I reset it so I thought but don't think I did it right since I was still getting stuttering sothen stopped again and did as follows

Turn ignition to position 2 and pushed the throttle 5 times up and down with out pause between each one then waited 5 seconds to which I just started the car to position 3. Seems to have fixed it which is great but I want to make sure that this is actually how you reset it and that next time I turn it on it doesn't happen again.

My other question is once it's reset will I get occasionally stuff in the future where the ECU is learning or will it just be fixed and shouldn't have any future issues? I know this seems like I have solved this but just want to make sure I have done this right. Don't want the problem to come back because of something silly because I haven't done it right 😅

Cheers peeps.
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