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Have I done something very stupid? I wanted to fit some 15" alloys to my Alfa Giulietta, so I bought a set off an Alfa 146 off fleebay very cheap with new tyres. Now I assumed that the PCD/offset/center bore would be the same, as an Alfasud/33 is listed as having the same as the 146 and I know that the same wheels were available on the Alfasud as my Giulietta. To cut a long story short, they didn't fit. The PCD is right, as is the offset, but the center bore was 58.1mm and the hubs on my car are 58.5mm Looking inside the alloy, instead of it been just a plain hole, there are 4 pillars in the wheel which have the wheel stud holes in, and these are machined to fit on the hub. The main part of the machineing is about 60mm (same as the old wheels) with a high ridge to take it down to 58.1 mm. What I have done is to file that high spot off and made the diameter 60 mm like the old wheels. the car runs fine with them on, but what will happen if I need the wheels balancing? as the balance machine is a tapered shaft that the wheel is clamped on, theres no way the part I filed is going to be perfectly concentric. Are they ruined?
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