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has anyone ever...

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fitted proper arches to the zr?

im not talking about the clip on arches, im talking proper moulded on arches like either the zs 180 mk2's or like the mg svr?

Im starting to think im gonna be keeping my zr for the long term now so I'd really love to make it a one of a kind.

Would be a big fibre glass job but it could look awesome...or pants.

Piccies welcome!
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Will look daft without the big wide rims to fill them mate so make sure you count in the cost of the arches, pait, wheels, tyres plus the problem of possible rubbing, also account for the repair cost if one arch is damaged !!!

I agree it would look good but I would consider getting the clip on ones and to make them one off have them smoothed in !!!
It's alot to factor in deffo, parts are my only expense really, I'm one of those lucky sods who gets free labour hehe.

I've got the clip on arches ATM, sadly tho with those if u bond them on how u ever gonna get the front bumper off should you need to :(

This cars gonna have a fortune thrown at it, when the engine goes in the future I'm thinking of getting one of those vw diesels that can be tuned up quite nicely then once I get my company car it's gonna be all out track beastliness hehe
That sir is nice!
Thanks for the picture mate, don't suppose you can get any more pictures?
Could probably replicate that without too much trouble.
Roverman u legend! the green one is what I want!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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