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Halp!1 Car died and won't start again!

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Right, basically the other night my T16 ZR "stalled", and wouldn't start again. It turned over, but wouldn't kick into life, so we pushed it to my mate's house. I bridged the fuel pump ECU and it primed and I got fuel flow, so it isn't a fueling problem. Everything else is working, it just keeps turning over and won't kick into life.

I called the AA dude out, and according to his report these are the issues:

Non start
No HT spark
No 5v and 12v at sensors
Main ECU relay not powering up
No 12v supply at pin 85 on relay
All fuses okay

Any ideas guys? Final show of the year is this weekend, and the ZR missed the last one due to the radiator and turbo issues, so don't want it to miss this one, especially after it running so sweetly since it's been back on the road :(
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