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H1 LED Bulb Warning !!!

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Hi All !!!

I though I would post this up as I have seen several Members including myself fall foul of the LED H1 Bulbs, they don't fit anything that takes a H1 Bulb be it the Main Beam (for show not practical use) or the early Front Foglights, the LED section is too big to fit the hole for the original bulb, I have tried the 64, 36, 24 and 9 LEd bulbs, non fit, the 9 LED would prob fit with a little trimming but to be honest its not worth it for the amount of light they put out !!!

I recomend fitting the later H11 Front Fogs and fitting the 64 or 36 LED H11 Bulbs depending on which colour you need to match your headlights/side lights as the colours vary for the small SMD and large SMD Chip LED units !!!

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i modded one of my 600 headlights to fit them in. The light output was no more than a standard LED sidelight, so stuck my 100W rally bulb back in and threw the LED's in the bin
Pain in the arse trying to file away the metal holder though !!!
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