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Still beavering away with my CDT fuel pump problem.

I intend to have an evening's work trying to sort things out - at least I will hopefully eliminate some potential issues.

Here's what I need to know/confirm:

1) I assume that the fuel pump on the driver's side of the tank should only be receiving power when the ignition is switched on?

2) The fuel is pumped across the tank internally, through the filter and out on the passenger side of the tank?

3) From there to the secondary (smaller) fuel pump under the bonnet?

4) The secondary fuel pump should also only receive power with the ignition on?

Once I have checked the electrics supply I will move on to the diesel supply.

Is it safe enough to disconnect the fuel line at the secondary pump and check for fuel flow with the ignition on?

Glad for some help, here. I don't want to kaibosh the whole thing because of a stupid mistake..........
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