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gsd2 tyres available here

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Came across these the other day as its frequently mentioned on here that these are hard to come by dont think there available in all sizes and have no idea if the prices are good or bad and they only seem to be available on a fitted basis
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better price than a lot I came across whilst looking a week ago

good find!
15" maybe more easily available than the 16" but I also found that numerous sites showed GS-D2 tyres and even allowed me to place an order but would then cancel, or worse, I would have to phone and chase up only to find they were going to ship me the GS-D3 instead. So it would be worth a call first to check stock.
I was at the MGOC Workshop this morning and was chatting to them about tyres. He said he's got a few 16's in rear fitment but said when he had those off the supplier they took a lot of getting, and he was told there definitely wouldn't be anymore. Looks like supply is really drying up then, not just the intermittent drought like normal.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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