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I'm the happy owner of a itsy-bitsy-bubble-rover 200 ( say Hi, girl! ) and I am extremely pleased about Her ( or It... looks I sound like the Stephen King's Christine ).

I'm driving this car since 1999; I bought it with 6 miles, now I have a round 35000.
Being from Romania, my car had to cope with the more-than-poor roads shape between 1999 and 2005 ( now the situation is far, far better ) but I had never any problems with suspensions, nothing at all, comparing to a lot of friends with other cars, different brands, who had to change suspension elements and all stuff several times. Amazing.

The engine is a gem, working like a charm and it's the only car - and I tried LOTS of them - where the driving position is so comfortable that after 300 miles my body feels the same as at the beginning of the trip: relaxed.

So in few words, this car is great.

Greetings to you all ( from her too ). :D

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