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Dutch bloke here, when I turned 50 I decided to not have a new girl or a motorcycle, but do the smart thing, buy an MG-F, I always fancied them, and bought this one as a birthday present for myself.

I had loads of fun with it, a year ago it was near perfect, so I got bored and I decided I wanted something with less Miles, I put my F up for sale, and it sold much faster than I thought it would...

Of course, being me with zero patience, I bought myself a 2003 TF, less than 100K km on it, the only thing was it had been sitting for the last 7 years, and it needed some a lot of love and attention.

So, here we are, technically perfect by now, still a few optical things like a little dent and some bird poo paint defects, that will be sorted soon-ish..

Cheers! 🇳🇱
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