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Here is a thought! If HMG had stated:

"We have been to China and offered to give a 100 million pound Bridging loan to MG-R for 6 months, but SAIC would like it to be for two years. We of course understand their concerns, and are in the process of formulating an arrangement that we believe will be fair and equitable to both companies.

DTI has also seen details of MG-R's Future model plans, and all we can say is they are very promising and exciting. We will do everything in our power to make sure this Joint Venture reaches a successful conclusion, as in OUR estimation the Future looks extremely bright for MG-R"

If HMG had issued non wishy washy statements, and were seen to be positive that MG-R's chances of making this deal were excellent, companies like Wagon PLC perhaps wouldn't have felt the need to put the squeeze on MG-R.

In my mind the press and HMG had/have the power to make or break this deal, and that accounts for a lot of MG-R's troubles in my book.
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